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Best freelance websites for small business

Freelance websites provide people with a great opportunity to get additional work and invaluable experience, as they will have to work with different clients with different goals and requirements. It doesn’t matter why you’re here for a side or main job, or to hire a freelancer for your business, the best freelance websites will cater to your needs.

Toptal Review

Toptal is a site for freelancers with the strictest selection criteria. According to the developers themselves, this site contains 3% of the world’s best freelancers. You can meet everyone here, from graphic designers to product managers. Many of the largest companies turn to this site to select the top talent.

As a freelancer, there will be tests that will test all your skills, including your language skills and personality. And it may initially seem to you that such an overstated entry bar does not suit you, but the reward for the work done here is also at the highest level.

Guru Review

Guru is another project freelancer where companies of any level find experienced temporary employees. It is a very versatile and flexible platform that covers almost all modern professions.

The site has over 3 million customers, and the principle of employee selection is that the site publishes estimates and data on freelance transactions. so that employers can hire the most reliable and experienced freelancer. If you visit the site from the side of an employee, then the Guru offers very convenient payment methods to choose from:

  • fix price
  • hourly payment
  • based on tasks or frequency

Upwork Review

Upwork works with real professionals in their field and specializes in larger projects, but this does not mean that there is no freelancer ready to work with a small business, on the contrary, so you will have a guarantee that the work will be done with high quality.

The site publishes new relevant vacancies on the bulletin board, and freelancers who are interested in this project submit applications, which employers can then review and choose the best ones. On this platform, you can easily communicate with each other in an online chat so that employees better understand the task. Review is the ideal platform for small businesses looking for web design or marketing assistance. Its use is also very simple: employers register and post up-to-date applications, which is a few minutes to receive responses from freelancers.

As a freelancer, you can set your rate for the work done, as well as upload examples of your work to increase your reputation on the site.

People Per Hour Review

People Per Hour is an international freelance site with over 1 million active businesses. On the site, you can hire programmers, translators, writers, and managers. The site carefully examines all the requirements of companies to select the ideal employee for them.