how much does it cost to build a website

How much does it cost to build a website?

If we talk about the cost of spending on websites, then it depends on several criteria. The first criterion is your budget, and the second is the goal that should help your business grow stronger. In this article, we will tell you about the costs of money that will go to create a website, and how to make the most profitable investment.

What tools do you need to build a website?

Before you figure out how much does it cost to build a website, you need to decide on the tools that will help you with this. It is worth noting that you do not need to hire professionals to do this, there are now many ways to help you create a website, even if you are not tech-savvy.

So, you need to decide on things like:

-Domain name is the address of your website through which your clients will search for you in the future. After you register it, you will have the right to use this name for a year. You will have to renew it as long as you want to keep this name for the site.

-Site builder – it helps you to design your site regardless of your skills and abilities. Even a beginner will be able to understand how such a device works, and a web builder, in turn, will allow you to easily add features such as SEO tags, plugins, etc.

-Web hosting is where you store your website information. Often this term means a certain company that rents a server so that your website can be hosted there and guarantees around-the-clock connection to the network.

Once you’ve figured out the tools you need, it’s time to calculate your overall budget. Below we will indicate how much it will cost you to create different types of sites.

How much does it cost you to build a typical website?

Considering the variety of requirements, such a site will cost you from $ 100 to $ 500. If you want a multifunctional site and, in addition, you will make it to order, then the price can reach $ 30,000.

For a small website, you will need:

-Domain name – about $ 15 per year

 -Web hosting services – about $ 8 per year

And in just a year, you will spend about $ 110.

Cost of Building an Advanced Website

Your site will constantly evolve, which means your needs will grow, along with this, the budget for your site will also grow.

 Depending on what services and tariffs you choose, the maintenance of your site will be $ 500-1000 per year.

Cost of creating an online store

E-commerce is evolving nonstop right now, so if you want to open an online store now is the time. We recommend starting with an entry-level site. This will cost you roughly $ 190 a year, but the price can be higher if you want to enable premium settings.